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    Commercial and Residential Epoxy Floor Coating Services In Maricopa

    Commercial & Residential Epoxy Floor Coating Services

    Floors face a constant beating from daily foot traffic, machinery, and spills. Add a durable layer of protection with a Maricopa commercial concrete floor coating.

    Concrete Coatings With A Wide Variety Of Colors In Maricopa

    Concrete Coatings With A Wide Variety Of Colors

    At AZ Floor Coatings, we can easily customize your Maricopa residential epoxy flooring to your unique style with a variety of colors, shades, and styles.

    High-Quality Full Broadcast Flake Floors in Maricopa

    High Quality Full Broadcast Flake Floors & More

    Choose from a variety of flakes and other customizations to bring a unique flair to your Maricopa garage floor epoxy coating. Contact AZ Floor Coatings to learn more!

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    Highly Recommended Epoxy Floors ★★★★★
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    Why Choose Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings
    For Your Concrete Floors

    Get Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings In Maricopa To Prevent Tire Marks, Oil Stains And Chemical Spills

    Prevent Tire Marks, Oil Stains
    & Chemical Spills

    Polyaspartic coatings in Maricopa are highly popular due to their incredible resistance against stains, moisture, oil, and other chemicals. They are the ideal choice for any floor facing a constant flow of traffic including garages, basements, warehouses, mechanic shops, and more.

    Get Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings In Maricopa For Protection From Dents, Surface Cracks and Other Damage

    Protection From Dents, Surface Cracks & Other Damage

    With an epoxy layer from AZ Floor Coatings, your concrete floor will be fully protected from everyday wear, spills, stains, dents, cracks, and other damages that occur over time. The investment is worth every penny!

    Get Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings In Maricopa For Added Resistance To Water Damage and Overall Wear & Tear

    Resistance To Water Damage And Overall Wear & Tear

    If you are looking for a reasonably priced, incredibly durable floor that is highly resistant to water damage and daily wear, a Maricopa epoxy floor coating is an excellent option. Spills are easily wiped up and maintenance is simple!

    Qualified Concrete Floor Coating Contractors Near You

    Veteran Owned And Operated Business Providing Services In Maricopa

    Veteran Owned & Operated Business

    AZ Floor Coatings is proud to be owned by two veterans who carry years of experience and knowledge and are driven by a passion for honesty and excellent workmanship.

    Professional Floor Surface Preparation For Maricopa Homes

    Professional Floor Surface Preparation

    Through every step of the preparation process, our Maricopa epoxy contractors demonstrate skill, proficiency, and close attention to detail. Our goal is a superior finish and exceeded expectations!

    Licensed, Bonded And Insured Company

    Licensed, Bonded & Insured Company

    We require each of our contractors to be licensed, bonded, and insured, for your protection and ours. You can trust that your epoxy flooring is in capable hands!

    FAQs About Epoxy Floor Coatings

    The actual application process only takes approximately one day of preparation and installation, but you will need to wait at least three days or more before you are able to fully resume all activities and traffic on the epoxy coating to ensure it is fully cured and dry. Your overall time frame will depend on factors such as the condition of the original floor, the amount of preparation time needed, and any special customizations you have for the new coating.

    Absolutely! Epoxy is the #1 choice for areas such as automotive shops, retail spaces, garage floors, bathrooms, kitchens, patios, commercial warehouses, basements, and so much more. Epoxy coatings are incredibly resistant to moisture and chemical spills, and are very simple to clean and maintain. They can also be made slip-resistant for areas such as outdoor patios. Epoxy does require a trained hand for installation, so be sure to contact the professionals at AZ Floor Coatings.

    Caring for your epoxy coating properly will ensure it lasts for years to come and stays in good working condition. Epoxy floors need to be regularly swept and mopped with a soft bristle broom and microfiber dust mop. They should be thoroughly deep cleaned every few months to remove any substances that could break down the protective barrier. All spills should be wiped quickly with a soft rag to avoid causing stains or lasting damage to the sealant.

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    AZ Floor Coatings is proud to serve residents throughout the Phoenix Valley in a variety of convenient locations!

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