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    Premier Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coating Services Available In Sun Lakes

    Keep Your Concrete Floors Safe from Damage with Our Top-Rated Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coating Services

    As a quick, durable, and cost-effective option, polyaspartic flooring is the ideal choice for any high traffic areas. Whether you own a mechanic or automotive shop facing oil spills, grease, tires, and heavy vehicles, or you manage a retail warehouse with constant foot traffic day in and day out, a Sun Lakes epoxy floor coating is an excellent choice.

    At AZ Floor Coatings, our experienced technicians can provide recommendations for your floor with a simple inspection and free estimate. We can usually install your new floor coating within a day, so you can start enjoying your new floors with as little interruption to your daily life as possible!

    5-Star Rated Sun Lakes Polyaspartic And Epoxy Floor Coatings Company On Google
    5-Star Rated Sun Lakes Polyaspartic And Epoxy Floor Coatings Company On Facebook
    5-Star Rated Sun Lakes Polyaspartic And Epoxy Floor Coatings Company On Yelp
    5-Star Rated Sun Lakes Polyaspartic And Epoxy Floor Coatings Company On BBB

    Trustworthy Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coating Services For Sun Lakes And Neighboring Cities

    Commercial And Residential Polyaspartic And Epoxy Floor Coating Experts In Sun Lakes

    Commercial & Residential Epoxy Floor Coating Services

    Polyaspartic coatings in Sun Lakes cure much more quickly than epoxy, which means you can immediately touch your floor after the application process is finished. It is fully cured within 24 hours, so you can begin using it as soon as possible.

    Concrete Coatings with A Wide Variety of Colors For Sun Lakes Properties

    Concrete Coatings With A Wide Variety Of Colors

    Epoxy coatings provide an incredible brightness and shine to your home or business, with high UV resistance and a multitude of customization options. Add slip resistance, extra gloss, a swirl, or even a sparkle to your new epoxy floor.

    High-Grade Full Broadcast Flake Floors And More In Sun Lakes

    Top Quality Full Broadcast Flake Floors & More

    Polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings in Sun Lakes are incredibly easy to clean. Maintenance requires a simple sweep and mop, with grease and chemical spills wiping off without a trace. They are designed to last a lifetime.

    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Professional Epoxy Floor Coating Services In Sun Lakes With 5-Star Rated Contractors

    Epoxy Floor Coatings In Sun Lakes With Five Star Rated Reviews On Google
    Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor Coatings In Sun Lakes With Five Star Rated Reviews On Yelp
    Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor Coatings In Sun Lakes With Five Star Rated Reviews On Facebook
    A+ Rated Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor Coating Company On The Better Business Bureau
     Highly Recommended Epoxy Floors Client Reviews
    Highly Recommended Epoxy Floors ★★★★★
    • Extremely Durable & a Wide Variety Of Polyaspartic & Epoxy Flooring Services

    • Professionalism, Quality Of Work, and Affordable Rates

    • Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Polyaspartic & Epoxy Floor Coating Company

    • Polyaspartic & Epoxy Floor Coatings For Residential & Commercial Properties

    Polyaspartic Floor Coatings VS Epoxy Floor Coatings

    What’s The Difference?
    Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Are UV Resistant


    One of the best qualities of polyaspartic floor coatings is their high resistance to UV rays. This makes it a popular option for outdoor patios and seating areas because it can be used in the intense Arizona sun without fading, discoloring, or being damaged. Our team at AZ Floor Coatings is experienced with polyaspartic coatings and is ready to help you get the best deal for your floor!

    Polyaspartic Coatings Cure Quickly, Adhere Well & Are UV Resistant
    Epoxy Floor Coatings In Sun Lakes


    While epoxy flooring is similar to polyaspartic coatings, it has a few limitations that are important to know. It takes quite a while to cure, which can cause a big disruption to your business flow. If you need to park your vehicle on the newly-coated floor as soon as possible, epoxy is not the best choice. Visit AZ Floor Coatings to learn more.

    The Benefits of Choosing Our Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings for Your Concrete Floors

    Easy To Clean Tire Marks, Oil Stains, And Chemical Spills On Epoxy Floors

    Easy To Clean Tire Marks,
    Oil Stains & Chemical Spills

    Polyaspartic floors are incredibly resistant to skid marks, tire tracks, rubber stains, grease, oil spills, chemicals, and more, making them the top choice for automotive shops and garages. Any business with a high volume of heavy vehicle traffic will benefit from installing a polyaspartic floor in Sun Lakes. Contact AZ Floor Coatings to schedule an estimate!

    Floor Protection Against Dents, Surface Cracks, And Other Damage

    Floor Protection Against Dents, Surface Cracks & Other Damage

    Epoxy coatings and polyaspartic floors protect regular old concrete from dents, cracks, and other damages that occur from intense UV rays, constant foot and vehicle traffic, and toxic spills. It is very durable, designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance requirements. Polyaspartic coatings provide a scratch-resistant layer of protection for your concrete.

    Polyaspartic And Epoxy Floor Coatings are Resistant To Wear And Tear

    Resistance To Wear & Tear

    As one of the most durable flooring options on the market, Sun Lakes polyaspartic concrete floors are incredibly strong and designed to last upwards of 20 years or longer. Though they could scratch under extreme circumstances, these coatings are some of the most resilient options. They will offer superior protection against anything thrown at them.

    Long Lasting Concrete Floor Protection For Your Property Floors In Sun Lakes

    Epoxy And Polyaspartic Coatings Offer Long Lasting Concrete Floor Protection

    Created with a combination of isocyanate and resin, with a unique layering process used during application, these Sun Lakes concrete floor coatings are designed to be strongly bonded to the floor surface and finished with a glossy, abrasion-resistant sealant. They are the ideal choice for car showrooms, garages, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities due to their slip-resistance, chemical resistance, and longevity.

     Epoxy And Polyaspartic Are An Easy-To-Install Eco-Friendly Option

    Effortless Installation And Eco-Friendly Option

    Not only do the benefits of polyaspartic coatings help you as the client, but they have some benefits for our Sun Lakes concrete flooring installers too! The installation process is painless and efficient, with a quick turnaround time. If you need to get the project done and be able to use your floor again within 24 hours, a polyaspartic coating is the right choice for you!

    Slip Resistant For Improved Safety Floor Coatings In Sun Lakes

    Increased Visibility And Slip Resistant For Improved Safety

    Along with a variety of customization options, epoxy and polyaspartic coatings are designed to be innately slip-resistant. Their added shine increases visibility by brightening up any area it is installed. Many customers use polyaspartic flooring for outdoor patio areas, due to its high UV resistance and anti-slip safety features.

    Industries That Benefit The Most From Polyaspartic Floor Coating

    Trusted Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coating Company Serving Sun Lakes’ Leading Businesses

    Polyaspartic Floor Coating For Grocery And Retail Stores In Sun Lakes

    Grocery And Retail Stores

    Grocery and retail stores see high volumes of foot traffic daily, along with forklift equipment and heavy pallets of product. Epoxy and polyaspartic flooring is the ideal solution to ensure low maintenance, easy cleanup, and decades of durability.

    Polyaspartic Floor Coating For Healthcare Facilities And Pharmaceuticals In Sun Lakes

    Healthcare Facilities And Pharmaceuticals

    Medical facilities of all kinds see a variety of spills every single day, from chemicals and medications, to bodily fluids and germs. Spills can easily be wiped up with a mop or a rag, and the slip-resistance is an added benefit.

    Polyaspartic Floor Coating For Car Dealerships And Auto Repair Shops In Sun Lakes

    Car Dealerships And Auto Repair Shops

    With customers and vehicles visiting daily, car dealerships and auto repair shops benefit greatly from epoxy and polyaspartic coatings. They can park vehicles on the floor for extended periods of time without fear of causing damage. Oil and grease spills are easily cleaned off with no leftover staining.

    Polyaspartic Floor Coating For Warehouses And Storage Companies In Sun Lakes

    Warehouses And Storage Companies

    Warehouses and storage companies advertise large spaces with plenty of room to store materials for as long as their customers need it. Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings hold up well to the constant pressure of boxes and belongings sitting on them, without dents, cracks, or damage.

    Polyaspartic Floor Coating For Industrial and Manufacturing In Sun Lakes

    Industrial and Manufacturing

    Because industrial factories and manufacturing plants are typically quite large, they need a durable floor that can withstand heavy machinery and equipment, while also being cost-effective to install. Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings can do it all! Contact AZ Floor Coatings to learn more.

    Polyaspartic Floor Coating For Restaurants, Food, And Beverage Industry In Sun Lakes

    Restaurants, Food, & Beverage Industry

    The high likelihood of daily spills in restaurants makes epoxy the ideal option for businesses in the food and beverage industry. Not only is cleanup quick and simple, but there are endless customization options available to make the Sun Lakes concrete floor coating reflect the restaurant’s style and brand.

    Upgrade Your Sun Lakes Home Flooring With Our Durable Epoxy & Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

    Renovate Your Home In Sun Lakes With Our Epoxy & Polyaspartic

    Stain Resistant And Durable Garage Floor In Sun Lakes
    Stain Resistant And Durable Garage Floors

    With an epoxy finish on your garage floor, you will experience the highest stain resistance possible on the market. Clean spills easily, without fear of staining or damage, and bring an added level of brightness and shine to a normally dark garage.

    Comfortable Workshop Areas With Polyaspartic Floor Coatings In Sun Lakes
    Comfortable Workshop Areas

    Along with cleanliness and durability, epoxy flooring is ideal for workshop spaces whether in the basement or the garage. It is easy on the body, simple to clean and maintain, and adds a fresh, sleek look to the workshop area.

    Elegant And Minimalistic Kitchen And Living Room Epoxy Floors In Sun Lakes
    Elegant And Minimalistic Kitchen And Living Room

    Bring a unique feel to your kitchen or living room with an epoxy coating from AZ Floor Coatings. Customize your floor with different colors, hues, shades, patterns, sparkles, and more, to match your personal style and let your personality shine.

    Easy-To-Clean Polyaspartic Floor Coatings For Master Bathrooms In Sun Lakes
    Easy To Clean Master Bathrooms

    Polyaspartic and epoxy coatings are the easiest floors to clean, no matter which space they are installed. If you abhor cleaning bathroom floors, epoxy might be the best choice for you. It is slip-resistant, even with moisture present, and painless to maintain.

    Reliable Epoxy Coating Company For Concrete Floors Near You

    Veteran Owned And Operated Floor Coating Company Providing Services In Sun Lakes

    Veteran Owned & Operated Business

    Rob and Russ Byers are two veterans who proudly served in the U.S. Army and are the masterminds behind AZ Floor Coatings. Our company serves residents throughout the Southern Phoenix Valley with high quality polyaspartic coating services for residential and commercial facilities. We carry years of experience and passion for excellence!

    Professional Floor Surface Preparation For Properties In Sun Lakes, AZ

    Professional Floor Surface Preparation

    At AZ Floor Coatings, we use our craftsmanship skills to give your floor the best look and protection you will find anywhere. Our work ethic is second to none, and we do not rest until you are satisfied with the results. We display courtesy and professionalism in everything we do!

    Licensed, Bonded, And Insured Epoxy Floor Coatings Company

    Licensed, Bonded & Insured Company

    Our team of technicians is licensed, bonded, and insured, equipped to install epoxy and polyaspartic coatings on residential and commercial floors alike. We proudly stand behind the quality and durability of our floor coatings, and offer a Lifetime Residential Warranty on our workmanship.

    FAQ About Epoxy Floor Coatings

    While polyaspartic and epoxy coatings are very similar in durability, longevity, and protective benefits, they are vastly different in their curing time. Polyaspartic coatings take about one day to install and 24 hours to be 100% cured. Epoxy floors can take multiple days of installation and up to 4 days to fully cure, depending on whether you are simply walking on it, parking a vehicle on it, or installing something heavy and permanent on it.
    Yes! Polyaspartic coatings are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is hydrophobic and impenetrable by water or moisture, and its high UV resistance protects it from damage in the intense Arizona sunlight. Polyaspartic is slip-resistant and durable, designed to last whether it is installed inside or out. Clients use polyaspartic for their outdoor patios, pool areas, outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, indoor kitchens, basements, garages, and more.
    To ensure your epoxy flooring performs to its full potential, it is important to follow the proper maintenance steps. Experts recommend sweeping the floor daily, mopping it weekly with soap and water, and wiping up spills as soon as possible with a cloth. If your epoxy gets scratched, gouged, or burned from rubber, call a professional right away to avoid further damage and breakdown.

    The number of polyaspartic layers needed on your concrete flooring will depend on the location of the installation. Typically, our crew will apply at least 2-3 layers of polyaspartic on your floor, and even more if it is a high traffic area or constantly exposed to moisture or traffic. Consult with our technicians at AZ Floor Coating so you know exactly what to expect for your project!

    Anytime an epoxy coating is applied to a floor, it requires a clean and slightly porous surface to ensure proper adherence and bonding. If your concrete is sealed or polished, the epoxy will not adhere correctly. Before our team applies an epoxy floor coating, they will patch and repair any cracks or chips in your concrete surface, and clean it thoroughly to ensure all grease and dirt is removed.
    Typically, a polyaspartic coating will last approximately 10-20 years with proper maintenance and care. If it is in an area with high wear and tear and daily spills, it may need to be refreshed or replaced sooner. However, you can typically expect it to last anywhere between one and two decades or more. Visit with our team at AZ Floor Coatings for more information!

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