Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings: The Benefits Of Applying Them To Your Garage Floor

Polyaspartic floor coating is a great way to improve the appearance of your garage floor. This coating provides a durable finish that resists stains and scratches.

Polyaspartic concrete floor coatings in Arizona are common in commercial applications like parking lots, garages, warehouses, and other areas where high traffic loads occur. They are also popular in residential settings such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

This type of coating is not only versatile but also resistant, so you should consider it to improve the appearance of your garage floor. 

How does exactly polyaspartic flooring improve your garage floor? Here’s how.

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings: The Benefits Of Applying Them To Your Garage Floor

What Is Polyaspartic Floor Coating?

Polyaspartic coatings have been available for many years, but they have gained more popularity recently, especially in garages. Although similar to polyurethane, it cures faster and resists many temperatures.

It is considered the best garage floor protection in the market due to its high performance and professional-grade components. Moreover, polyaspartic coatings penetrate deeper into the concrete than other garage floor treatments, creating better protection for your floor. 

Polyaspartic coatings create a strong bond with the concrete strengthening the fundamental link. The floor becomes impermeable against water, chemicals, and other elements, thanks to this effect.

Dust won’t be a serious issue with this type of coating because it does not wear down as fast as bare concrete. Plus, any accumulated dust from the usual wear-and-tear will be barely noticeable. 

Arizona polyaspartic & epoxy floor coatings are one of the most popular acquisitions to improve the appearance of any garage floor. Nonetheless, many people prefer polyaspartic because of its durability and easy maintenance.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating Vs. Polyureas Garage Floor Coating

Many people confuse polyureas with polyaspartics because they are related. However, they have crucial differences chemically speaking.

Polyaspartics are easy to install. They are also more durable and versatile. With polyurea, things change with the installation; it has a short cure time, so it is difficult to install. 

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating Curing Process

Contrary to epoxy and other materials, polyaspartic coatings cure faster but slowly enough to work with them effortlessly. That’s why many people choose Polyaspartic as their primary concrete floor coating in Arizona

Polyaspartic manufacturers have made special components with a cure time slow enough to simplify application and fast enough to allow floor traffic as soon as possible. 

This material is usually ready for foot traffic in two hours, but you must wait 24 hours before using vehicles or heavy loads. However, 24 hours is nothing compared to other waiting periods. For example, epoxy-finish coatings need at least 12 hours of cure time for foot traffic and 72 hours or more for vehicle traffic. 

What Else Should I Consider About Polyaspartic Coating?

Although resistant, polyaspartic coatings are not cheap. They cost about 20 percent more than other materials, including epoxies. 

Polyaspartic coatings keep their color longer than epoxy coatings. Plus, they will not turn yellow because they are more resistant to UV exposure. They also resist car markings, which is why they are so used in garages. 

Their viscosity is similar to water paint, so they can be a topcoat over epoxy. 

In short, polyaspartic coatings can turn your concrete floor into a resistant, smooth, and long-lasting surface. 

Improve Your Garage With The Best Polyaspartic & Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

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