Which Concrete Coating Type Should You Use?

If you’re wondering where to start with improving your garage floor, let us help you out! In most homes, the garage still has its original concrete floor, impacted by years of dirt, dust, grime, oil, and other fluid stains, cracks, dimples, and other signs of wear and tear. After decades of vehicle wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, dropped tools, and plenty of other activities, it’s likely that the concrete is starting to look less than attractive.

Homeowners who are thinking about replacing or updating their garage floor will find there are plenty of options to consider. The best option for your home will depend on whether you want to improve its appearance, maximize its performance, make it easier to clean or increase its durability – or all of the above.

Short-term solutions can include repairing the concrete, painting, or installing garage mats. All of these potential solutions will improve the appearance of your garage and help it last longer, but none of them are good long-term solutions that will increase its durability or protect the concrete. If you want to boost the wow factor of your garage or enjoy a truly multi-purpose space, consider Arizona garage floor coatings. The most popular options are polyurea, polyaspartic, and epoxy.

Concrete Coating Type On Your Floor

What Garage Floor Coating Should I Choose?

Epoxy garage floor coatings are popular because they offer a shiny, new, clean look that is appealing to many homeowners. Epoxy provides a more affordable solution than other types of floor coatings, but is not as durable or UV resistant, which means that the color will fade with time and may even turn yellow, especially in climates like Arizona where the sun and heat are frequently very intense.

Polyurea is another type of floor coating. Similar to epoxy, this type of coating provides aesthetic appeal, and ease of cleaning, and makes your garage look brand new. Although it’s likely to last longer than epoxy, installation is a long process, taking about two days, and the garage will need to be kept empty and unused for another 4 days while the polyurea finishes curing.

Polyaspartic coating is quickly becoming the most popular garage floor coating, and for good reason! Because it has been on the market for many years, homeowners can feel confident that there are decades of development and research behind the product. Polyaspartic coatings last many years, provide amazing durability and chip resistance won’t fade in the sunlight, and are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. When it comes to Chandler concrete floor coatings, polyaspartic is your top choice.

Top Benefits of Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

UV-resistant: This is a crucial feature in Arizona’s climate. Unlike epoxy which will fade or turn yellow with sun exposure, polyaspartic floor coatings are UV-stable. They will maintain their bright, clean, shiny finish for many years to come and won’t break down with UV exposure.

Easy to clean: More and more homeowners are turning to Gilbert polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings because they want to keep their garage floor clean and looking nice. Polyaspartic floor coatings are resistant to chemicals, stains, and moisture. Some regular dust mopping, an occasional light wash with a gentle cleanser, and quickly cleaning up spills when they happen are all it takes to keep your polyaspartic floor looking brand new.

High Quality: Polyaspartic coatings were originally used in commercial buildings, such as airplane hangars and hospitals because they are high quality and extremely durable. As technology has become more affordable for homeowners, polyaspartic has become a top choice for garages and small businesses that want to take advantage of those same high-quality features.

Durable: Most people know that epoxy and polyurea floors are durable, but polyaspartic floor coatings are even better. With their increased resistance to abrasion, chipping, peeling, staining, and scratches, polyaspartic floor coatings are the superior choice for any garage.

Stronger bond to concrete: In warmer climates like Arizona, epoxy floors are prone to peeling under tires and other sources of heat. Polyaspartic floor coatings have a unique chemical makeup that bonds intensely to concrete, making it more resistant to peeling and improving the overall strength of the floor.

Fast Installation: Polyaspartic floor coatings can be installed in a day and fully cured within just hours, which means you’ll be back to using your garage in no time! Plus, you won’t have to worry about changing weather conditions affecting the quality of your cure.

Safe: A damaged or cracked concrete floor can lead to hazardous conditions that put your family and guests at risk. Because polyaspartic coatings bind strongly to the concrete underneath, you can rest assured that your garage will be safe for your family while retaining its durability and performance for many years to come.

The choice is clear: polyaspartic is the top choice of Maricopa Garage floor coatings, offering more benefits than any other type of garage floor coating.

Improve Your Garage Floor with a Professionally Installed Floor Coating

Enjoy the many benefits of polyaspartic floor coatings when you work with AZ Floor Coatings: The Polyaspartic and Epoxy Pros. We have extensive experience installing high-performance and extremely durable polyaspartic floor coatings that will revolutionize your garage’s performance and aesthetics. We use only the highest quality materials and have most jobs completed in just one day! Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!



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